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Fitness Model Bondage

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Tying up a girl and having your way with her IS fun….but what if she was also a sexy fitness model? Wouldn’t THAT make it all the more exciting and kinky?

“After bringing her home from the muscle and fitness girl photo shoot, I tied and teased Derek for over an hour, I put her on the bar to get her off. Sometimes after all that teasing it just became more teasing. Derek could not cum not matter what she tried, I would no let her…. So this bar ride is pure teasing frustration. That makes for a good sexual torment and orgasm denial session…..”

Have a peek at some sizzling Fitness Model Bondage where the sex is XXX and kink is HARD!

Looks like fun!

(Bound and determined)

Want Some FUN?