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Fitness Model Bondage

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Tying up a girl and having your way with her IS fun….but what if she was also a sexy fitness model? Wouldn’t THAT make it all the more exciting and kinky?

“After bringing her home from the muscle and fitness girl photo shoot, I tied and teased Derek for over an hour, I put her on the bar to get her off. Sometimes after all that teasing it just became more teasing. Derek could not cum not matter what she tried, I would no let her…. So this bar ride is pure teasing frustration. That makes for a good sexual torment and orgasm denial session…..”

Have a peek at some sizzling Fitness Model Bondage where the sex is XXX and kink is HARD!

Looks like fun!

(Bound and determined)

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Cruel Kinky Muscle Dominatrix

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

She can be cruel at times and downright NASTY at others… YOU have the sack to hang with a muscle Dominatrix who LOVES to punish, degrade and sexually humiliate her male and female slaves?

I Will Take You On A Journey….
mature muscle mistress
Muscle Femdom And BDSM PORN!

“You’d be surprised how many female body builders are also in FemDom….it natural, right? I mean, we HAVE the physical strength to dominate someone, so why not take it to the ultimate and SEXUALLY dominant and CONTROL someone? Besides, I’m just a cruel bitch at heart, LOL!”

(Ready to dish out the pain)

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Muscle Man Gets Milked

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

He might be a big muscle man, but THIS lady knows how to make him OBEY!

Lovely Mistress Autumn tests a giant muscle man slave for almost an hour until he finally has his aching balls drained onto her big natural breasts…

But first, he must show the proper respect to Her black high heels with his tongue, take a hard ass paddling, get fucked in the ass with her strapon and then have his trapped cock and balls punished. A sexy blonde in black, Mistress Autumn sized up the buff stud in front of Her. His big cock was at attention and he begged to be allowed to please Her. She ordered the muscular slave to bend low and lick Her shoes clean as She sat and then stood over him as he finished the job. She kicked off Her shoes, making him take a big sniff of the inside of each shoe….

The buffed out muscle man slave then watched from underfoot as Mistress Autumn took off Her black dress. She stood on his chest and flaunted Her open pussy then stepped forward and squatted over his face. He was used for tongue and asshole service until She had a small orgasm and then She turned to reseat Herself on his face and tug on his now throbbing cock.

With Her male supplicant now over a stool, Mistress autumn grabbed his cock and balls and pulled them back, milking and squeezing until she had milked him for all the hot jizz he could produce!

“Now I want MORE cum to shoot out! Must I jerk you HARDER?”

Mistress Cames
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Muscle Bound And Fucked

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Like to see some female bodybuilder BDSM porn clips?

As the man says – these muscular women are toned, tight and well-built bitches who must experience the world of depraved pleasures thru pain and sexual punishment!

Want to watch?

The sets are cheap but the action is XXX HOT! And finding muscle slut fetish porn is tough, so we are thankful for these deliciously naughty clips from one of the world’s only female bodybuilder BDSM porn producers!

“I’ll soon have you BEGGING for mercy my sweet little muscle bitch!”

(Please tie me up and spank me)

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