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Muscular Female Sex Study

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

When strong women are treated in the gym for low sex drives, flabby asses and no energy, they are more likely to become female bodybuilders from the enjoyable conditions during their weight training sessions, a new study finds.

Researchers from the University of Muscular Women and Bunny Steels’s Hospital in California investigated the impact of working out five days a week on these women and girl, by analyzing the pussy discharge from the girls when allowed to watch other naked female bodybuilders, all between ages 18 and 54. The study, published today in the Journal of Female Muscle Strength, found that compared with housewives who have no sex drive, the buff babes were 76 percent more likely to have sex with a variety of partners and 69 percent more likely to fuck another muscle slut after a session with their trainers. Women already into body building were 83 percent more likely to become horny in the evening while receiving “special treatment” from a stud specializing in making fit women happy.

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The study authors say these findings are “exciting,” especially considering vast improvements over the past few deacdes in allowing more women to pursue weight training.

So what are the reasons for the disparities? Though this study could not address that particular question, in the study’s conclusion female muscle champion Foxy LeOne, the lead author, cites three main schools of thought she says could help explain the findings:

1) The better they felt about their naked bodies, the more women want sex.

2) Girls are frequently aroused by the sight of another woman’s large clitoris.

3) Women these days can build muscle with better techniques and find it more satisfying.

More as it develops…..

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