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Female Bodybuilder Facesitting

Friday, June 1st, 2012

After I kick some male’s ass in a mixed wrestling bout I sit on their face and make them smell my sweaty pussy and ass!

Yeah baby, having some sweaty female bodybuilder facesitting and ass smothering you in front of your friends after you shot your mouth off about what a tough guy you were is awesome!

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Like Smelling Hot Bodybuilder Pussy?

Muscle sluts are naturally dominant and any man who’s fucking stupid enough to get into a wrestling match with one is sure to be sniffing the cactus and tasting the bung before long! LOL!

But sometimes, I have to admit, I do it for money. Yep, men PAY me to sit on their face and kick their ass. Sometimes I make more money in a night doing that than actually wrestling in the ring! Pretty cool, eh?

(Buff and tough)

Facesitting Sluts In Ass Smother Action!

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Wrestling Catfight And Erotic Grappling Porn

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Yep, it’s time to get ready to rumble because these fit and furious females are turning up the heat in the wrestling ring, apartment and sometimes right on the street! No shame and plenty of pain as these grappling sluts go at it with each other, innocent girls and guys – kicking ass and taking names!

(As well as biting tits, twisting nipples and pulling hair!)

Fighting Females Pussy Power Fights!
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Kicking Ass And Licking Twat Too!

“The last bitch I beat in the ring, I made lick my ass while her boyfriend and coach watched….I think they liked it, not so sure she did, she was crying and begging me to stop…fuck that! She shot off her mouth and now she’s paying the price I said!”

(Fighting and fit)

Sport Erotica

Mixed Wrestling Smother Galleries

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

If you enjoy a hot fitness gal facesitting and smothering her male foes in the wrestling ring, then we got some delicious erotic grappling pics for you!

“Then I took the wimp into the ring and made him sniff the seat of my sweaty workout shorts! I had caught him checking out my ass while I was working out, so why not make the fucker SMELL my crotch! I smothered him like a mother fucking bull dyke with her sweet bitch!”

Lot’s of hot sweaty pussy on the face fun in these Mixed Wrestling Smother Galleries we have for you today at MuscularWomenPorn.Com!

(Shocked that women would act like that…hehehe)

Ass On Face Fun HERE!
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Like It Hot And Stinky?

Female Body Builder Mixed Wrestling Clips

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Seems this dork thought making fun of an amateur muscle slut at the gym was a good idea…until she took his puny ass onto the mat and proceeded to twist him into a human pretzel as his friends watched and laughed! She even made him smell that sweaty snatch as she sat on his face and started GRINDING!

Some muscular women porn thrills in these awesome Female Body Builder Mixed Wrestling Clips we have for you today!

“Come on! I thought you were a tough guy…you’re crying like a little bitch!”

Maria F.
(Wrestling babe and 3 time California state champ)

Lots Of Fighting Females HERE!
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Watch Them Kick Ass And Stomp Pussy!

Female Bodybuilder Mixed Wrestling

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

This muscular woman kicks ass!

It’s like the legendary battle of David versus Goliath, only this time Goliath is a muscular busty amazon who enjoys taking her sexual frustrations out on a puny male who dared to taunt her at the gym! When will these men learn not to fuck with a female bodybuilder….UNLESS she’s looking to hookup!

“I’m going to twist you into a fucking pretzel, you little weasel!”

(Buff and ready to thomp a man)

Mixed And Girl On Girl!
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Women Wrestling And Kicking ASS!

Female Bodybuilder’s Revenge

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

It’s like the legendary battle of David versus Goliath, only this time Goliath is a massive busty amazon and it’s a sweaty erotic mixed wrestling match that will melt your monitor and delight your cock!

This female bodybuilder has the muscles to twist this poor guy into a fucking pretzel!

“That huge bitch is kicking his ass but good!”

(I wrestle men and women for money….and the thrill)

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